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About the customer

Our client is actively trading in Forex in Tokyo, Japan. He has more than 15 years of experience with great knowledge of various trading methods

The Business Need

Our client wanted a solution which can process the data for various trading strategies. The need was to develop a software program which can process the data with various combinations at high speed and produce the signals for longs or shorts.

The Solution by LipiTech

LipiTech deployed its team of data scientists to understand the trading strategies, the data to pull from various exchanges and then the mechanisms to process the data. Due to fluctuating market conditions, it was hard to create one algorithm and it was decided to write the software in a way to automatically learn about the market conditions by processing the data. Using multi-threading technique, large amount of data is now processed within few minutes across different servers. The core data processing program produces superior data analytics and signals to trade now.

Impact on the business

Our client is extremely satisfied with the level of accuracy in data processing and the signals being produced. The number of trades has increased sharply leading to exponential business growth..

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