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About the customer

Our client is a highly experienced trader in North Carolina, USA. He regularly trades in regulated exchanges (Forex, Commodities, Futures and Options) and crypto exchanges. They are majorly into crypto asset management business and manage portfolios of their customers.

The Business Need

Our client wanted to develop a bot which could process the data from one exchange and then trade automatically without any intervention. The bot was required to process data for 12 different technical indicators and then initiate the trades and keep track also.

The Solution by LipiTech

Our excellent team of data scientists were deployed to understand the nature of data available at the exchange. A windows application is developed which pulls the data from exchange at regular frequency, processes it and prepares the required technical indicators at different time frequencies. The algorithm was developed to check the entry into trade. The solution does 100% automatic trading referring to the signals produced.

Impact on the business

Our client is extremely happy as the bot trades 24x7 continuously with 90% success rate. The version 2 is in progress which will make use of artificial intelligence to produce signals based on the orderbook and trade data.

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