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About the customer

Our client is a market research company in New York, USA. They do extensive market research for their customers in finance industry

The Business Need

Our client required an online dashboard which could produce KPIs visually, by using the raw survey data. These KPIs were for different customer segmented in various products being offered by their customer

The Solution by LipiTech

The data scientists at LipiTech were deployed to apply statical models on raw survey data and also to create visuals of KPIs for different product categories. The software engineers programmed an online dashboard with a user interface for end consumer to view the KPIs with variety of filters. A robust backend was developed to upload the survey data, analyze it for any errors with auto-cleaning mechanism

Impact on the business

The client was able to gain insights on the KPIs related to customer satisfaction easily. The ease of uploading the data and intelligent uploader helped our client to further make necessary tweaks in their survey programming. Our entire solution was very much appreciated

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