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About the customer

Our client runs a successful retail chain in Birmingham, UK

The Business Need

Our client delivers the orders at the customer’s doorsteps. Since the management involves people, it is important to keep track of the orders and deliveries. Our client wanted to use mobile app along with strong web backend to keep track of people, orders and deliveries.

The Solution by LipiTech

LipiTech developed a mobile app backed up by a robust web backend system. All the delivery personnel are registered on the app and receive the order information via app on their mobile phone. The core system is developed using AI which automatically creates the route chart for delivery boys to minimize the expense and time required to deliver the orders. The delivery manager is able to view the location of delivery personnel on the web backend and keep track of the orders easily..

Impact on the business

Our client is able to deliver products faster, keep track of people and calculate the average expense on delivery of each order. The AI component has increased the productivity of delivery team. Our client is extremely satisfied..

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