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About the customer

Our client wanted to launch a PoS system for Restaurants and Bar in Florida, USA

The Business Need

Our client wanted to launch a PoS on SaaS model with special features to help the customers know more about the sales using high end analytics. A PoS system based on Android with integrated card processing. A flexible system which can support the nuances of restaurants and can be fitted easily. A flexible loyalty program was also required for the customers of our client.

The Solution by LipiTech

LipiTech developed an Android based PoS system with payment processing capabilities. Since the system was to be launched on SaaS model, our engineers designed the front end and database structure in a way so that variety of restaurants and bars can use them. The backend of system was developed specially to provide high end analytics on inventory and sales. With our solutions, restaurants are able to develop their products with raw and semi-finished ingredients easily.

Impact on the business

With extreme ease of use and high end analytics, our client is generating more sales than expected.

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