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About the customer

Our client is an electronics PCB assembler in Zurich, Switzerland. He runs a PCB assembly facility with state of the art automatic placement and soldering machines

The Business Need

Due to several hundred parts for even a small PCB, our client was struggling with materials procurement of these parts. The parts are available on major websites and each one has a different price and inventory. Our client wanted a system which could connect with different websites, pull the parts information and then decide the best website to purchase it from. After the decision, our client wanted to issue a purchase voucher for all the identified websites on a click of button. Overall, a system was required which could help our client to take informed decision as where to buy the parts from

The Solution by LipiTech

LipiTech developed a windows application through which our client can upload the list of parts required and then the application matches the part numbers and pulls the data from different websites. Due to various combinations available on these websites, the application automatically finds the best suited combination to pull the lowest cost available. The data is processed and shown on the interface immediately with preferences and suggestions. Our client can initiate a purchase order for finalized websites on a click of button

Impact on the business

Before our solution, our client was spending several hours in finding the parts, prices and inventory available on different websites. With solution provided by LipiTech, the same task is done in few minutes. With 100% automation in sending the purchase order, our client’s procurement team is more productive. We are now heading towards the development of purchase order management system for our client

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