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About the customer

Our client is a startup in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with an innovative idea of helping people to estimate the number of solar panels that can be installed on the roof of their houses. The concept had to be tested before approaching to the venture capitalists.

The Business Need

Our client wanted to develop a web app which can be used to pin-point an address, then plot the area on rooftop. Based on the plotted surface, the web app can calculate the number of solar panels that can be installed along with the costs and ROI

The Solution by LipiTech

LipiTech developed an excellent web app using Google Earth. Client was able to pin-point an address, view the roof-top and plot the surface area using drawing tools. With special algorithm (using azimuth, length and breath of solar panels), we were able to calculate the number of solar panels required, the cost of installation, the energy that would be available at different times of the day and eventually the ROI.

Impact on the business

Our client is extremely satisfied and was able to get Seed A investment in less than 1 month. Now we are preferred development partner of our client and building a complete end to end solution for him which involves, self registration, lead tracking and installation operations management.

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