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Summary of Customer

The customer runs a business of home furnishing and fittings in Texas. USA. Several teams work together to complete a project. The projects include developing the furniture. fitting the home appliances. bathrooms etc.

Impact on the business

The customer reported 80% increase in the productivity and teams stopped missing the tasks. The project deliveries were more smooth and timely. The customer satisfaction was obtained easily. Overall, our customer is on a growth path

The Business Need of Customer

Due to multiple teams involved in completing a project, it was difficult for them to track the location of individuals and also the tasks completed by them. Our customer wanted an extremely simple solution including web and mobile which can be used by even non-technical people. The app required was to help the managers to keep track of the physical and financial progress of projects to ensure smooth deliveries.

The Solution by LipiTech

We developed a mobile and web app where the staff was able to register themselves, the managers were able to create the teams, create projects and allocate teams. The mobile app is meant for the teams and managers to view and update the task status. The web app is primarily for the managers to track the location and tasks for each project. On the other side, the customers were able to provide their feedback on the quality of services rendered.

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